Everything About Us

.....and pricing facts

Carrie - Owner - Creative Director - Mother of 5

I never planned on becoming a baker it kind of just happened. One cake for my son turned into all five of my children's cakes then to family cakes to friends and baking slowly became a thing. Word of mouth and social media have really helped me grow once I put a name to the madness. I am not classically trained, I do not sketch my cakes beforehand, I work with inspiration in mind and allow my creative flow in the moment to design unique custom works of delicious art. At Care & Co. our mission is to create the most exquisite baked goods. Our inspiration comes from everywhere; art, fashion, landscapes, music and most of all, from each one of our individual clients. Every order is custom made for each guest with their specific event in mind. Care & Co offers many dessert options for any occasion. Let us create something unique and tasty for your upcoming dinner, party, wedding, or other special event. I love to work with new design concepts as well as experiment with new techniques to create something extra special. We specialize in fondant covered cakes using our home made marshmallow fondant but will always love the creativity buttercream has the opportunity to bring. 

We value locally grown, fresh ingredients made into traditional recipes that taste amazing and are adventurous enough to pair the abnormal flavors to create something that make your taste buds dance in excitement. We love to allow the flavors to tell the story the design holds.

Owner and Creative Designer, Carrie, has many dietary restricted needs and has worked towards creating delicious new recipes that will have you going back for more, miss out on dessert no more. It is Carrie behind all the sugar, designs, deliveries and although I am not always on top of the admin side emails, calls, and correspondence, are me too. (I will get better with this I promise) I truly am a one woman show and put all my love and energy into every order.


We pride ourselves on offering regular as well as many dietary and allergy friendly options such as:

Gluten Free


Nut Free

Dairy Free

Egg Free

Corn Free

Paleo and Keto options are also available.


Pricing facts

Our new pricing varies based on what you're looking for. Flavors, Details and the intricacy of the Design play a huge factor and determine the final cost of every order.

Look below for the starting prices per serving for our cakes.


* $5 for those classic yet irresistible popular flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate.

* $6 premium cake flavors are special and use unique ingredients like Pistachio and Lavender. 

* $7 specialty diet options like Vegan and GF with flavors like Carrot and Chocolate being our most recent popular.

* $2 ganache is used for all of our fondant covered cakes - choose between white, milk, and dark chocolate ganache.

We have flavor pairings that will suite the needs for every palette with the unique design and details for any occasion and every budget. 

Reach out today for estimate.